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     Hello! I am Leanna Moore, and I am multidisciplinary creator who uses design, illustration, and styling to create engaging visual experiences. Through design, I am able to turn my thoughts and ideas into illustrations and use the language of clothing to express emotions, culture, environment, and more.


     I specialize in theatrical design, fabric dyeing, and garment production and offer services to performing arts and fashion businesses and creative entrepreneurs from all artistic backgrounds, and take joy from showing the creative process and the attention to detail and hard work that goes into every project.  


     I got my start in costume design for theatre, graduated from San Jose State University with Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts. Upon graduating, I began freelancing as a costume designer and assistant, working in theatre, opera, and dance, offering my services and skills to Opera San Jose West Bay Opera, Silicon Valley Shakespeare in the Park (formerly, Shady Shakespeare Company), Dragon Theatre, and many more.


     In 2012, I moved to Irvine California to study costume design at the University of California, Irvine, where I earned from there the ever-burning creative spark inside me led me to studying design and production for fashion, and earning certificates in Color Analysis and Trend Forecasting from the Fashion Stylist Institute.


      I have a colorful background that includes sports, ballet and contemporary dance, painting, meditation, and insect taxidermy, I love leaning new skills, experimenting with different design mediums, and adding them to the skills and experience that I have acquired throughout my 10-year-long career.


     For me, creativity is when the left brain and right brain strike a balance. I put the element of storytelling is present in every project I take on, placing value on thorough research, analysis, meticulous detailing, and carefully crafted concepts mixed with spontaneity and intuition.

Click               to view a list of services and skills I offer, To see my latest projects and illustrations, go ahead and visit my Instagram or Behance profile. 

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